November 2017
I wish I could recommend Angela Chrysler as an editor, but then I would need to fight off all the others clamouring to get at her when I have so many projects coming up.
Okay fine! Just this once.
As I said to Angela in an email during reviews and changes from her work, I wish I could smoosh up her brain, roll it into a cigarette with some fine tobacco and steal her powers because HOLY CRAP she is awesome! (This totally makes sense in the context of my novel but you get the idea. I want her brain!)
Angela picked at and picked up and picked on (ok not really but I wanted to continue the picked theme) so many things that I had missed and hadn’t thought of and this was after six drafts and several rounds of beta readers! I thought I had polished the manuscript as much as I could but man was I wrong.
Further to her insights and edits, her comments were a joy to read and ponder and made me snort and smile like a giddy schoolboy more than once because she KNEW the story and the characters, not to mention her sense of humour.
I’m not going to say that I agreed with everything she suggested–because that’s the game isn’t it? Give and take and call the shots as the author–but those that I discarded were few and far between. And the final report and things for me to watch out for, both positive and negative, absolutely brilliant and spot on.
Thorough, conscientious (I know this is a synonym of thorough but DUDE was she ever!) and thoughtful are the words that immediately spring to mind. With her eagle eye and erudite hand, both my manuscript and I are the better for having worked with her and she has left her indelible mark.
Because she is and does!
Five metal fists in the air! \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/
Author name: C. Bilici
Book: Ward

I found the editing at White Board Writers to be thorough, efficient, and insightful. Their response time was excellent and the turnaround kept to the schedule they gave me. I was extremely satisfied with the job they did and would use them again.

A. F. Stewart, author of Ghosts of the Sea Moon