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Meet the Editors

Angela B. Chrysler

Angela B. Chrysler is a self-proclaimed grammar Nazi. She spent her school days taking the red pen to notes passed to her in class. Over the years, her passion for words has turned her to linguistics and the study of language. Her interests include Old Norse, Proto-Germanic, Icelandic, Anglo-Saxon, Latin, Italian, Spanish, Classic Greek, and etymology as well as the evolution of language. She has been religiously writing since 2007 and is well versed in the use of UK, Australian, and US grammar. Learn more →

This editor knows a thing or two about…

  • Metallurgy
  • Swords and Weaponry
  • Swordplay
  • Linguistics (PIE with an emphasis on Etymology)
  • Mythology, (Norse Mythology, Egyptian Mythology, Greek Mythology, Roman Mythology, Celtic Mythology)
  • Animal behavior (especially birds, rabbits, and cats)
  • Horticulture
  • History (Antiquity, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Ancient Civilizations, Roman Empire, The rise and spread of the Christian Empire, Dark Ages, Scandinavia, Ireland, Norway, England)

So if you have a book about a bird who lives in Norway who is fond of Damascus steel, and escapes the wrath of Odin through a portal, and finds himself in the fall of Rome, speaking an ancient language you made up, she’s your editor!


Ani H. Manjikian

Combine the mind of a computer jockey, the heart of a writer, and aesthetic instincts of a photographer and you’ll create Ani. She’s an “edit as a reader” editor meaning she’ll start on page 1 of your manuscript and react as if she was someone who had picked up your book for the first time.  Her comments are always fair, but pointed. You have a character trying to get out a ditch and making it look way too easy, she’ll nail you for it.

She is also a well-versed and experienced web developer, if you need help with your website.  Learn more →

This editor knows a thing or two about…

  • Horses
  • Web Development
  • WordPress
  • Technology

Angela Dukes

Angela “Angi” Dukes has had a life filled with books. As an infant, her mother read romance novels to her before she knew the meaning behind the rippling pectorals. Via Scrabble, she learned spelling and developed a passion for the written word. Ms. Dukes is a certified phlebotomist, which gives her a leg up in medical knowledge. There is little she loves more than editing.

This editor knows a thing or two about…

  • Romance novels
  • Medical terminology
  • Phlebotomy
  • Spelling
  • Syntax
  • Sentence Structure
  • Grammar
  • Mathematics
  • Calculus