How long will my edit take?

We get to work right away on manuscripts. Here is what you can expect for our turn around time.

  • 7,500 words approximately one week.
  • 30,000 words approximately four weeks
  • 45,000 words approximately six weeks
  • 60,000 words approximately eight weeks.
  • 100,000 words approximately 3 months.

Exceptions are made to accommodate summer holidays, family emergencies, and urgent orders.

Please note that the time frame on any one given manuscript is solely dependent on the amount of work it needs. If your manuscript is not yet ready for an edit, this could greatly delay the time it takes to complete a manuscript. We will not rush an edit and risk sacrificing our standards to accommodate a deadline.

In additional to US Federal Holidays, we do not work on the following dates:

  • 6 January
  • February (due to CyCon)
  • March (due to CyCon)
  • April (due to CyCon)
  • 14 May
  • 26 May
  • Midsummer Solstice (22, 23, or 24 June 2017)
  • 1 September to 14 September
  • Winter Solstice (21, 22, or 23 December)


How does billing work?

Once we receive your manuscript, we send out a bill the same day with a confirmation email that we received your manuscript. If you have arranged a payment plan, bills are sent out on the 1st of every month thereafter, and come with a 30-day due date allowing you to pay within the next 30 days as needed. A reminder email is sent out as needed.

I need a payment plan. Do I have to be approved?

No. Payment plans are available upon request. Once you decide to retain our editing services, we will review payment options. Our payment offers are based on your needs. We can not accept payments less than $50.00. If you would like to learn more about payment options, view Pricing.

My edit is paid in partial payments. When will I receive my edited manuscript?

If you are making partial payments you will receive the completed manuscript once the final payment has been made. We do save your manuscript to OneDrive allowing you to make changes along the way. You can also use OneDrive to track our progress.

My edit is paid in full. When will I receive my edited manuscript?

Edits are completed according to the editing schedule above. Once the edit is complete, we will send you the completed manuscript as a whole.

My book is already published. Will you still edit for me?

Yes. We welcome published books.

What if I don’t agree with my editor?

An editor is only a grammatical advisor. You, as the author, are always free to make the final choices regarding your brain baby. No one knows your story better than you. If you receive advice from an editor that you don’t agree with, always remember that an editor’s comment are only ever advice. Feel free to change or delete any suggestions they make.